The Restaurant

Barolando’s Cuisine to savour the flavors of piedmont

Our restaurant is located in the centre of Barolo, a historic village in the Langhe, famous for its wine vocation, which attracts numerous enthusiasts every year. Thanks to its location, Barolando is the right place to stop after visiting all of the sites of historical interest, and the many wineries in the area.

Barolando’s cuisine is like the cuisine of Piedmont, rich in flavours, colours, and aromas. Our restaurant aims to make the most of local products from appetisers to desserts; you will be spoiled for choice as to which Piedmontese specialities to taste.

There is veal with tuna sauce, an institution around here; fresh pasta for tajarin, and ravioli “del plin” which is hand-made every day, and meat, the Piedmontese Fassona beef is exceptional. If the season allows, there may be pleasant surprises like the finest of truffles, like Alba’s, which can enhance dishes on the menu, and finally, there are some sweet delights based on ingredients from the area, such as hazelnuts. All of this washed down with one of the many selected wines from the best local wineries. Our restaurant’s dishes are appreciated both for the ingredients and the presentation. Tasting Barolando’s proposals means getting to know one of the areas of Piedmont which is the richest in authenticity and genuineness. Are you curious?

Sophisticated Cuisine

Our restaurant reflects the typical dishes of the Piedmontese tradition, updating and presenting them in an original way. The kitchen proposals are perfectly matched with the quality of the many autochthonous wines that come from the wine cellar. A lunch, dinner, or a snack at Barolando’s, is an authentic taste experience.

We are Barolando

Our family-run restaurant is operated by Mattia Negro, who leads the kitchen, and his mother Patrizia, who takes care of the dining room. With them, a close-knit staff, which boasts experience in starred restaurants, are ready to welcome Barolando’s guests with courtesy and consideration to make you feel at home.